Tai Chi at Pinebrook – Saturday’s at 11:00am!

Tai Chi for Health is an excellent exercise program for individuals who have various physical health conditions. This program was developed by medical doctor Paul Lam along with Tai Chi experts and medical professionals. Dr. Paul Lam, a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, began his Tai Chi studies at the advice of his medical doctor when he was in his 20’s. Dr. Lam quickly found Tai Chi exercises beneficial to managing his arthritis. Because of his medical education and Tai Chi experience, he wanted to help as many people worldwide just as he was helped. Tai Chi for Arthritis was created. Dr. Lam has worked with medical professionals and Tai Chi experts to create other Tai Chi for Health programs such as Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Back Pain, Tai Chi for Osteoporosis, Tai Chi for Fall Prevention and more. He has certified instructors all over the world.

Julie McCarthy, a Tai Chi for Health Instructor, specializes in arthritis, back pain and diabetes. She has studied Tai Chi for more than 25 years and has taught for 17 years. Julie had a life altering injury in 2002 where she almost lost her right foot and as a result has had numerous surgeries including a spinal cord stimulator implanted in her body due to an incurable pain disorder from the fall and a fused ankle.

In this Tai Chi program, one will learn safe movements which are gentle and modifiable. This exercise program can be performed sitting or standing. Julie will lead practitioners through a warm up routine, teach a new movement in the Tai Chi form each week and then end with a cool down series of movements.

If you are interested in observing, learning or participating in the program, Julie would love to have you join her. Find out if Tai Chi is for you!

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