Resident Testimonial – I feel “at home” at Pinebrook.

While we take pride in the care and services provided to our residents, hearing from those we serve is our greatest testament.


Testimonial – George Rice (Resident), 2/23/2017

I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings toward living at Pinebrook the last three and one half months.

Prior to selecting Pinebrook I visited three other Independent Living facilities. None compared to Pinebrook with its friendly atmosphere, facility, and apartment design. At the onset, Dennis Curley, Aimee Lapine and Brenna Schaffer made me feel “at home” and continue to do so. Additionally, food service/waitresses are exceptional. I might add that housekeeping is a treat, every two weeks a person cleans my apartment (they even change my sheets). When my family visits they remark how friendly the front desk people are to them. I have had two maintenance requests and they were solved immediately.

Finally I have gone from not wanting to move into an Independent Living facility to accepting Pinebrook as my new home. Good move!

George Rice

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