Pay It Forward Day 2015

Pay It Forward Day is where people of all walks of life give to someone else and make a positive difference. What started 3 years ago as a national organization now is comprised of more than 3 million people in 70 countries around the world participating. Teachers in Milfold, Ohio thought it would be beneficial to bring this great program to their community to improve the world, schools and neighborhoods.

Edna Stefanko, 92, resident at Pinebrook spoke on behalf of the Busy Hands Club explaining what she and other residents of the club do to support this great effort to pay it forward. As a group they have made dresses for little girls in Haiti, bibs for the Children’s Hospital and hats for St. Jude, just to name a few. She explains that at any age, you can help, whether it be big or small. The interview with the Busy Hands Club starts at the 3 minute mark in the below video.

Although Pay It Forward Day focuses on just one day a year where selfless acts of giving are carried out, everyday can be a pay it forward day. The Busy Hands Club is ‘busy’ year-round and is always looking for new projects. If your organization would like to work with us, please call 1-513-297-4076.



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