Now is the Time to Move – Advice from Pinebrook Residents Hugh and Riona

Dining Views

We moved here to Pinebrook in July, 2015, from our much loved ranch house in a beautiful 2-1/2 acre woodland setting, just 2 miles away. It was a wonderful house to live in, and to bring up our two children, Gavin and Shona. We loved seeing the deer come and eat the sand cherries and apples that would drop on to our front lawn, it was like their candy shop!

We decided to move to Pinebrook before we needed to, so that we could enjoy the freedom of living here, before we needed extra care. Sometimes we think living here is too good to be true because we no longer need a gardener to cut the grass, spread mulch, weed-eat, trim the bushes and snow-plow our oval driveway. No longer do we need to have regular check-ups for the furnace, air conditioner, take out the garbage, bring in wood for our fireplace, and clean it. We don’t need TruGreen for the lawns, or outside Terminix applications.

Here at Pinebrook we live a stress-free life, and can spend more time doing the things we enjoy. When we first arrived, I said to Hugh ‘We have no dishwasher”, then soon realized I only wash 1 or 2 dishes a day! Our 2 bedroom suite is cleaned for us every two weeks, how good is that! I no longer have to shop for food, plan meals, set the table, wash up and clean house for guests arriving. It’s a breeze here, as we can invite guests here to the dining room, and it is all done for us! All 3 meals are provided for us. I used to love cooking, in fact I had 120 cookbooks!, and gave all but 7 away, to those who loved cooking, some high-class ones too. We have great memories and photographs of big dinner parties, but now we can relax!

So what do we do now? We have time to read the newspaper, magazines and join in activities here. Hugh and I both love people, and we have many new friends as everyone has an interesting story to tell. Hugh, once a month leads the non-denominational Sunday service, and both of us lead an inter-active Bible study. We both enjoy chair volleyball, it’s a lot of fun. There are opportunities to go by the Pinebrook bus to museums, restaurants and other places of interest.

What can we say? Come here as soon as you can, you’ll be glad you did. Start downsizing now. We brought with us our favorite artwork, china, lamps, ornaments and books to make our place look just like home, and got rid, or sold all the other things that we don’t need here.

-Hugh and Riona, Residents of Pinebrook

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