Meet Peter and Sydney St. Clair, a couple of happy Pinebrook residents from Anderson township.

Peter and Sydney moved around during their careers, from Los Angeles to Louisville, but they have
spent well over 40 years in the Cincinnati area, raising four children in their 66 years of marriage. Three of their grown children live in South Bend, Indiana and one of their daughters moved into their Hamilton County family home when the couple first downsized. They had planned to live in their condominium forever, but after ten years there, Sydney’s back started bothering her and shopping, cooking and cleaning became real chores. When Sydney’s back went out, the only thing Peter knew how to cook was pancakes, which he affectionately calls “Wheels of Death.” Knowing they couldn’t very well live on pancakes alone, they started their search, examining five communities carefully in the process. Some were too expensive and others were not nice enough. For their tastes, Pinebrook seemed just right. After Peter and Sydney got on the waiting list at Pinebrook, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment came available on the third floor. They loved it, especially with new paint and carpeting, and moved in. Now they both enjoy dining with new friends and so much more.

“So we were looking around and Pinebrook seemed to be the best place that we had seen. And we came through and looked at it. The people were very nice. It was a clean and orderly place. In fact, it almost felt like a country club atmosphere with the dining room and we just decided to move.”
– Peter St. Clair, resident of Pinebrook

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