Meet Lucy Smith, sharp as a tack at 96.

Lucy hails from Superior, Wisconsin, where she married her high school sweetheart, Ted Smith. He became a B-24 pilot, flying 35 missions over Germany. After raising five children, they lived in Fort Collins, Colorado and later Hot Springs, Arkansas. Their marriage of nearly 70 years gave Lucy five wonderful children, 15 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren to love. While managing their home in Hot Springs, Arkansas by herself, Lucy soon realized she was not as independent as she thought she was. Worried, her children convinced her that they would all be better off if she moved closer to one of them. Lucy trusted her daughter in Cincinnati to research her options. When her son pulled up with her furniture in tow, Lucy had only seen Pinebrook in a brochure – but settling in didn’t take long and she was soon enjoying her new atmosphere and routine, which includes chair volleyball and book club. Lucy now knows nearly everyone by name at Pinebrook and enjoys dining with different neighbors every evening.

“And I see other people, when they come in, they’re kind of unsure about things and it’s just natural that you’d feel that way, I guess. But everybody is very interesting and very nice here and very eager to help. I have no regrets that I moved. I’m just so glad that I’m here.”
Lucy Smith, resident of Pinebrook

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