Meet Charlotte Battistone, a remarkable grandmother of six who feels, and acts, like she’s 46.

A native of Parkersburg, West Virginia, Charlotte attended Christ Hospital School of Nursing in Cincinnati. In 1948, her life was off to a running start as a newly minted nurse and bride. After 42 years of working and raising three children in Finneytown, Charlotte and her husband downsized to a condominium. When he later developed ALS, Charlotte took care of her husband at home until he passed away. Charlotte decided there was more to life than living alone, so her daughter found Pinebrook on the Internet. After doing her homework, Charlotte’s decision to move to Pinebrook was easy. She liked the size and atmosphere best and her list of pros outweighed the cons. She picked an apartment with a full-size kitchen, living room and bedroom, a small dressing area and a very nice sized bathroom with a walk-in shower. Compared to other communities she visited, Charlotte felt Pinebrook was more personal – it felt like family. When she isn’t enjoying meals with friends, Charlotte is attending resident council or book club, taking a yoga class or a walk, visiting her grandkids or simply enjoying her privacy at home. Before moving, Charlotte had wonderful neighbors that she would dine out with once a month. She rarely dined alone in a restaurant because it felt even lonelier than dining alone at home. Now Charlotte has wonderful neighbors and multiple options for dining, privacy, social engagement, physical activity and intellectual pursuits.

“If you want to be alone you can be in your apartment. If you want to be with other people all you have to do is walk out in the hall. I like that. I was tired of eating alone.”
– Charlotte Battistone, resident of Pinebrook

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