Karen Bond, Receptionist, Receives Watermark Heroes Award

An estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year according to the National Emergency Number Association. Earlier in September, one such call attempt was mysteriously received by Pinebrook, where an alert receptionist acted fast and responsibly to ensure that the Florida caller received the help she needed. The Enquirer recalls the events of that day in an article titled Saving a Life from 800 Miles Away published on Sunday, November 8th, 2015. To read the full article, please click here.

It happened the evening of Friday, September 4th, 2015. The Labor Day long weekend had officially commenced when Karen Bond, a receptionist on duty at Pinebrook Retirement Living in Milford Ohio, routinely answered the phone around 8 p.m.

“I have no idea how she ended up calling here,” reported Bond to Executive Director Dennis Curley. “She could barely get a word out between coughs and gasps but was going to try to call 9-1-1 again. I looked [Camellia of Deerwood] up on internet and it was a legitimate site; so I called their phone number and reported the 9-1-1 request to the receptionist and she said she was on her way to the [resident’s] room right away.”

When Curley followed up with the Florida community the next day, a receptionist there named P.J. told him that the resident was fine and had been seen having breakfast that morning. Evidently, her emergency had been resolved with a happy ending.

“You can’t make this stuff up!” Curley said when reporting the incident to his employer, Watermark Retirement Communities. Pinebrook and Watermark are not affiliated in any way with Camellia of Deerwood and it is not known how a Florida call to 9-1-1 could have been received in Ohio – much less at another retirement community.

Had Bond not been a well trained receptionist who took the call seriously and followed up, the end result may well have been different.

For her actions, Bond was presented with a Watermark Heroes Award by Executive Director Dennis Curley on October 6th, 2015.

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