Family Member Testimonial – Such a caring, loving and safe environment.

While we take pride in the care and services provided to our residents, hearing from those we serve is our greatest testament.


Testimonial – Teresa Johnson (Daughter), 9/19/2015

It’s hard to know where to begin when describing Pinebrook… I love it so much for so many reasons!  But I will try to convey my feelings about this fabulous retirement community.

My sister and I were at a complete loss as to what to do when both parents’ health began to decline and we were no longer able to provide the care they needed.  We proceeded to check out and visit several retirement/assisted living facilities on the east side of Cincinnati.  It was a very stressful time for both of us and of course we wanted to do what was best for both of them, although they had different health issues.

Long story short we moved them into Pinebrook and a few days later Dad was admitted to a hospital and did months of rehab at two different facilities.  I moved with Mom back to their condo for that time. We then felt like Dad needed more skilled nursing care when released so we moved them to a transitional care center in Cold Spring, Kentucky.  Physical therapy at that facility was phenomenal but we all were extremely unhappy with the care.  We then decided it best to come back “home” to the place we always loved the most – Pinebrook.

Walking into Pinebrook is like walking into a resort or high-end hotel.  After walking in you are warmly welcomed by the receptionist.  Our initial meeting and subsequent meetings with our salesperson, Aimee LaPine, was so informative and she answered all our questions, which were many, she is such a warm, caring, loving person, and made us feel right at home.

I have never experienced such friendliness from EVERYONE in the building…..the residents, the nurse, concierge, facility director, receptionists, food service personnel, housekeeping, and resident managers (sorry, I know I’m missing someone!).  What really blew me away was that it seemed everyone from the very beginning called my parents by their names.  Another thing that impressed me in the beginning was how residents would come up and introduce themselves.  Feels like a family atmosphere.

My parents are becoming more outgoing, eating with other couples and doing some of the many activities.  It’s a small step but a big step for them.

My parents love Pinebrook.  My sister and I feel like they are in a facility that meets their needs and we feel good about them being in such a caring, loving, safe environment. It’s been quite a long road to find the perfect place but I know we have.  I would recommend Pinebrook to anyone.  Thank you Pinebrook!

– Teresa Johnson



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